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LEF Certify Portal
Data to empower electronic exams (e-Exams)

Preparing your customers with the right data for regulatory e-Exams - LEF 


Lending Examination Format (LEF) file is incredibly especially extremely useful for e-Exam.

Below is a guide outlining the six simple steps to prepare LEF files. Click on each step to learn about the process.

1 - Get Instructions

Download instructions and Lending Examination Format (LEF) file template.

2 - Data Mapping

Map loan data fields from source system(s) to LEF file.

3 - Data Export

Create data export from source system(s) to LEF file(s).

4 - LEF Encryption

Encrypt LEF file(s) based on the LEF encryption specification.

5 - LEF Format Validation

Validate encrypted LEF file(s) for data formatting errors. 

6 - LEF Submission

Submit LEF file(s) to be certified.